PhD students

PhD students

At the beginning of the first year, each PhD student sumits a research project that is approved by the PhD faculty.

A tutor, member of the faculty, is assigned to each student in order to support him or her during the full PhD program period.

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NameCycleProject titlee-mail
Dario AlimontiXXXIVMotor and cognitive scores progression in Parkinson’s
Federica AngiulliXXXIVNeuroinflammation in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease: role of peripheral
Lorenzo DianaXXXIVModulation of cortical networks of attention by means of non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) techniques: a study on healthy subjects and stroke patients with hemispatial
Chiara GalimbertiXXXIVCharacterization of a novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor in experimental models of
Eleonora GiagnorioXXXIVRole of dysregulated skeletal muscle LncRNAs/mRNA targets in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Gemma MassettiXXXIVAssessing the effects of multisensory stimulation through new technologies on patients with acquired brain
Maddalena MauriXXXIVMulti neuro-functional biomarkers for monitoring developmental trajectories in early onset
Ramona MeantiXXXIVNeuroprotective effect of Growth Hormone Secretagogues and glycosaminoglycans association in in vitro models of
Ettore SalsanoXXXIVClinical and genetic characterization of leukodystrophies in
Ilenia SavinettiXXXIVGene Expression Profiling Identifies Specific Signatures in Peripheral Blood Monocytes of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Edoardo Nicolò AielloXXXVNeuropsycological study of language in motor neuron
Roberta BonomoXXXVAssessment of metabolomic changes in chemotherapy-induced peripheral
Susanna DiamantiXXXVMulti-center Translational Trial of Remote Ischemic Conditioning in Acute Ischemic Stroke Within 9 Hours of Stroke of Stroke Onset (TRICS-9). A randomized pilot clinical study from the Italian Stroke Organization (ISO) Basic Science
Elisa DurantiXXXVMechanisms of TDP-43 accumulation in Amyotrophic Lateral
Mario FicheraXXXVOutcome measures in hereditary ataxias: analysis of clinical scales and evaluation of new tools to assess disease
Alessia GallucciXXXVEffect of emotion processing and emotion regulation on cognitive performance: a multimodal approach
Maryamsadat HashemiXXXVAntineoplastic agents neurotoxicity: possible role of MAP1B-LC1 protein complex in Cav3.2 channel
Simonetta Andrea LicandroXXXVEvaluation of the pharmacological effect of compounds modulating the fibrotic process in dystrophinopathy in fibro-degenerative diseases murine
Claudia MalacarneXXXVUnraveling the role of microRNAs and their target genes in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: towards the identification of novel therapeutic
Jacopo MarianiXXXVMulti-center Translational Trial of Remote Ischemic Conditioning in Acute Ischemic Stroke (TRICS)
Jacopo SantambrogioXXXVSpecific cognitive dis-functioning and vulnerability to specific psychopathology: a descriptive study on intellectual disability and
Giulia TerribileXXXVAir pollution, neuroinflammation and synaptic
Alessia ValenteXXXVMulti-center Translational Trial of Remote Ischemic Conditioning in Acute Ischemic Stroke (TRICS)
Elisabetta BattocchioXXXVIExploring molecular interactors mediating motion of glial extracellular vesicles (EVs) carryng pathogenic misfolded proteins at the neuron surface
Sara Di GirolamoXXXVIAir pollution effects on synaptic plasticity and neurotransmission in hippocampal and cortical neurons linked to the development of neurodegenerative
Sarah FeroldiXXXVINeuropsychological and neurophysiological assessment of cognitive and
motor function in patients with motor neurone disease (MND)
Ilaria GogliaXXXVIMechanisms linking mithocondrial dysfunction and neuroinflammation in mice models of Parkinson's
Melania MaioneXXXVIIdentification and Analysis of Potential Clinical Outcomes with Muscle
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Patients with Neuromuscular
Miryam MazzucchelliXXXVISunergic control of posture in peripheral neuropathies'
Michela PicardiXXXVIEffects of paired associative stimulation protocols in motor recovery after brain
Ilaria RiboldiXXXVICaring and Assessing Mental health of student Populations at Unimib and uniSurrey: the CAMPUS
Margherita Tassan MazzoccoXXXVIIdentification of imaging biomarkers for neurodegenerative disorders: a comparative pre-clinical study in selected animal
Alessandra TelescaXXXVINew perspectives in chronic pain investigation: an integrated
Neuropsychological and Neurophysiological approach